How to choose the best business bank account

How to choose the best business bank account

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Either an established business or a new one requires the best business bank account for its financial management. When it comes to choosing a bank account for your business, it is important to keep in mind several factors so as to land on one that will best suit you. To start with, examine your company’s specific needs then take your time to compare the different bank accounts. From there you can have an easier time to choose the one that offers you the best value.

It is imperative to note that whether the business is the limited one or incorporate, having a bank account is very crucial as this will aid in giving you the transparence of your finances. The following are some of the tips that will lead you in choosing the best business bank account.

Free banking

There is a great advantage that is currently being adopted by most of the banks. For up to 2 years, some of the banks are offering free business banking. So it is important to note whether the bank is giving this offer to start up business or all businesses. It is important to note that most banks will charge an account fee after the transactions have been completed. This will enable you to come up with the best business bank while doing your research.


There are some of the banks that have an annual charge while others have a monthly pattern. The monthly charges in most cases depend on the size and yearly turnover of your business. The small businesses attract a small fee compared to the already established corporations.

Other charges apply on the withdrawals, cashing and receiving cheques and any foreign transactions. There are other small charges that apply when it comes to maintaining your current business account. It is very important therefore to note all the charges that different accounts charge so as to end up with the best business bank account that will give one of the best services warranting the charge.


An overdraft is very crucial when it comes to business account since it gives a room for you’re in- credit balance and offers a short cut in avoiding charges that attract for bounced cheques and other payments.

Since the overdraft cost can vary from one bank account to the other, it will be helpful for you to look for the banks that offer the most competitive rates of interest. The other thing is that looking for the business banks that offer a higher overdraft limit with the lowest interest rate can be very beneficial for your business. Finally, avoidthe high charges that attract after you go over the overdraft limit.


It is important to note that business banks comes hand in hand with debit cards and cheques books which can save a great deal of your time. It is also crucial to note that there are these banks which offer good services through the online thereby saving you time.

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