Types of business checks

Types of business checks

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When one is running a business, it is usually good to have all the needed stationery including business checks for your company in order to display the company’s logo and other details. A business check is a medium that most companies use for the purposes of purchasing of the goods and supplies. It is commonly that almost all the businesses that exist have some forms of business check. These checks are in turn linked to a business checking account in a nearby bank. This then can make business bank accounts to have a higher fee attracted as compared to personal banking accounts.

The other thing to note is that business banking accounts have more benefits compared to regular checking accounts. Such benefits include the interest that is earned on daily balances and also the bonuses given when it comes to maintaining a minimum checking account balance.

In this article, we shall delve into different types of business checks that are in existence. They include;

Wallet checks

Wallets checks are very much similar to personal bank account checks although many companies may have them customized by including a company logo together with the name. They are usually the most convenient because it is easier and quicker to obtain given that they are the most common forms provided in banks.

If a certain company prefers to customize it, the bank will be compelled to provide a starter check till they receive their official business checks. There also the duplicate of the checks so as to help maintain record of the payments done by writing a check. The duplicates are also important to the company as they can help in accounting and tax purposes.

Three-to-a –page checks

This is another very common manual business check. These kinds of checks have a kind of business stub on the left side of the page checks. The check stubs are very crucial since they provide a space to record any information that regards to purchases made by the owner of the business. When it comes to accounting, an owner of the business will just turn the stubs to facilitate the recording of the information in the company’s accounting ledgers.

The check stubs can also be used to provide proof of the payments that have been made for official dealings or for legal purposes. Although these kinds of checks are a bit expensive as compared to wallets checks, they are worth it because they are more efficient for business that requires a very on point data of business purchases and dealings.

Computer checks

Some companies may be compelled to use the computer checks due to a high volume of payments that is made during the month in a business. All the payment information is normally entered in the company’s computer system which later follows printing of computer check in a local printer. This kind of methods allows a business to have multiple business checks without so much straining. It is also possible to customize the checks by including the logo and name.

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